Ecological policy

Ecological certificate


Constant improvement of the environmental state and pollution prevention.


  • Fulfillment of international obligations in the sphere of environmental protection, ratified by Russian federation;
  • Implementation of advanced ecologically and technically safe and non- or low-pollution technologies and cyclic operation;
  • Enhancement of environmental management system in compliance with GOST R ISO 14001 demands;
  • Observance of the law regulations in force in the sphere of environmental protection and medical welfare of the population on all the stages of production;
  • Embodiment of employees’ responsibility in the sphere of environmental and health keeping legislation in scientific and manufacturing activity and other types of activity, causing negative effect on the environment and personnel;
  • Operation of nature-conservative (treatment) facilities in compliance with the demands of technical documentation;
  • Replacement of obsolescent and worn equipment (technologies) by modern ecologically-aimed power-saving technologies;
  • Manufacturing control of carcinogenic and other toxic and dangerous substances;
  • Providing for environmental safety of items in peace time;
  • Cooperation with research institutes, regiments in development of protection means and providing for the personnel and materiel protection against harmful physical and chemical factors of military equipment in peace time;
  • Prevention of accidents, emergencies and ecological sabotage;
  • Generation of ecological consciousness of the employees;
  • Providing for moral and monetary stimulation of the employees to motivate them into participation in environment protection measures.


  • Stable, environment-friendly and safe development of the enterprise;
  • Sensible use of material and natural resources;
  • Easy access to environment protection information and industrial healthcare.

The undertaking:

Is to strictly follow the declared ecological policy, enhance it as per the acute demands.

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