Assembling works
Wiring bay
Assembling bay
Bay of machines with program control
"Pantsir-1" missile ad gun AD system  assembling line
Ammo loading works

During the whole time of its existence, the enterprise has always had pilot production facilities, which, together with the enterprise’s partners, have provided for materiel designing, as well as conducted the development of serial manufacturing technology. In the end of the XX century during the disintegration of USSR numerous links with partners and ready production manufacturers were torn, state funding of development and research work drastically decreased. The changed situation in the country made KBP search for the way to survive in the new economic conditions of Russia.

To work successfully, to be profitable, to have the opportunity for further development, since 1992 KBP has created its own manufacturing facilities for serial manufacturing of the developed products. Starting with sub-machinegun manufacturing, the enterprise has within 20 years increased manufacturing facilities up to the level, allowing to carry out serial production of complicated systems, such as Pantsir –S1, Bahcha and many others.

Today 4 thousand people work on the overall area of 60 thousand square kilometers. The overall amount of work done is constantly increasing.

KBP production, using its own means provides manufacturing of pilot samples, manufactures serial items on its own, with the help of cooperation.

The enterprise masters the technologies of:

  • Billet production (cold forming isothermal stamping, hydroabrasive cutting, rotary drawing);
  • Mechanic processing (mechanical, electrophysical machining, electrochemical machining, radial forging);
  • Die casting and investment casting;
  • Non-metal materials processing (casting, compressing, winding, rubber items);
  • Thermal welding;
  • Electroplating coating, paint coating, gas-thermal coating;
  • Switchboard manufacturing, third level of accuracy;
  • Optical units manufacturing (assembling, alignment and adjustment of optical parts and assemblies);
  • Assembling of electronic units;
  • Tackling production;
  • Items testing;
  • Woodwork.

Creation of “Shcheglovskiy Val” JSC with the help of the KBP’s own funds in 2001 created additional manufacturing facilities for the enterprise. The first workshop to be put into operation was a workshop of heavy vehicles assembling, later- workshops of mechanic processing.

KBP production is demanded both in Russian and in foreign armies. The positive dynamism of manufactured goods selling remains, including the scale of export.

Today the manufacturing facilities of KBP can provide for:

  • High level of products quality;
  • Short terms of delivery;
  • Accurate fulfillment of undertakings;
  • Indisputable technical support;
  • Long-term partnership.

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