Personnel training

JSC "KBP", being the designer of most advanced and prominent weaponry, successfully fulfills complicated tasks on design, research, manufacturing and adaptation in the army of its items – from small arms to AD systems.

Creating high-tech products is impossible without scientific researches, which are the basis for quick technology development, opening the door to new opportunities and potential sources for innovative manufacturing reorganizing. That’s why at our enterprise design activities go alongside with research work in the sphere of armaments. For the development and manufacturing of high technical level KBP houses necessary research, manufacturing and test facilities, as well as qualified personnel.

A harmonious system of personnel training, including specialists’ training center, post-graduate course, thesis board has been arranged at the enterprise.

1. Training center has existed at the enterprise for at least several dozens of years. The main mission of the center is professional training of the workers and engineers of the enterprise.

The enterprise works in cooperation with higher and vocational education institutions – colleges and lyceums, where young man are trained in blue-collar professions, demanded at our enterprise, like machine- operators, radio equipment fitters.

A long –term fruitful cooperation with Tula State University (TulGU) in the sphere of defence industry specialists’ training at the chair of “Automatic systems designing” has a great role for the enterprise. Numerous future employees of the enterprise studu at the above mentioned chair as well as they do at university chairs’ branches. The students have a possibility to acquire quality knowledge and learn the ways of its practical implementation.

The training center regularly becomes a scene of final government certification examination committee sittings of Tula State University students’ graduation papers defending.

The authorities of the enterprise encourage the will of the employees to enhance their level of technical education. Additional education may take place both at the training center and at other educational institutions, the former providing for inner company education of the employees, professional development, learning special disciplines.

The center also provides for education of the Customer’s representatives, who use KBP products. More than 800 specialists have been trained since 2003 in such fields as missile and gun AD systems, ATGW, guided weaponry system of tanks and armored vehicles.

Training center employees deliver lessons at the territory of the enterprise itself, as well as at the premises of subcontractors, at firing ranges, on the territory of Customer. Equipping of classrooms with illustrated teaching material, weight and size mock-ups and training working samples enable to enhance the quality of the training proces.

2. Post-graduate course provides for training of highest qualification scientific and research personnel, assists to the enterprise’s employees participation in scientific and technical conferences and youth conferences, carried out in Russia. To maintain high level of young workers’ creative activity, development of non-standard approach to solution of complicated technical tasks, detection of promising youth at the enterprise, the competitions in engineering creativity among young employees is carried out. The competition allows to present the results of design and technological, research and development work in the sphere of information technologies to the attention of wide scope of specialists, to gain the confirmation of their acuteness and meaning for the enterprise.

3. Thesis board under the design bureau has been working since 1984. Doctoral and candidate’s in technology theses are defended here. The board allows to purposefully prepare scientific and research personnel for the enterprise.

At the beginning of 2012 one member of Russian Academy of Sciences, 15 Doctors of Sciences, 70 PhDs worked at the enterprise.

The JSC "KBP" works in close cooperation with Russian higher education institutions, institutes and schools of Russian Academy of Sciences.

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