Post-Sales Support of Products

There is a department at JSC “KBP” that provides warranty and post-warranty support of products supplied to customers. On short notice skilled personnel is ready to dispatch to a site of operation of equipment and promptly settle technical problems occurred due to adjustment, calibration, commissioning, maintenance and routine repair of hardware.

In the course of operation, contemporary military equipment and hardware with regard to significance of their missions and complexity of design require systematic monitoring of their technical state and implementation of measures aimed at maintaining the specified performance of these items at the level enabling efficient resolution of assigned tasks for the entire term of their use.

Being a supplier, JSC “KBP” offers to customers the following services within the framework of post-sales support of products:

  • monitoring of military equipment and hardware technical state for the entire term of use;
  • assistance to customers in commissioning military equipment and hardware;
  • fulfillment of works in scheduled and unscheduled maintenance;
  • upgrade and modification of military equipment and hardware as per service bulletins and coordinated decisions;
  • restoration (repair) of military equipment and hardware to the extent that is not related to warranty obligations;
  • supply of material support items (spare parts, equipment and materials, etc.);
  • training (retraining) of customer’s specialists;
  • supply and review of operational and repair documentation, technical training aids and maintenance assets, and monitoring;
  • logistic support of military equipment and hardware operation.

Maintaining the Stated Performance of Items Supplied to Customers Is Achieved Through:

  1. Timely and qualitative fulfillment of all types of maintenance. The maintenance procedure is defined in the operational documentation.
  2. Timely elimination of defects revealed in the course of operation by means of repair of military equipment and hardware.

    Routine repair is fulfilled, as a rule, by replacement of faulty units. A spare parts kit (SPTA kit) supplied to a customer is used for this type of repair. Routine repair is fulfilled by combat crews with assistance (when required) of specialists and equipment belonging to mobiles support assets as well as specialists of JSC “KBP”. Faulty assemblies and units demounted from the equipment are forwarded for analysis of failure causes and subsequent repair or replacement to a service (repair) center or the manufacturing facility of these components. After repair, operable assemblies and units are returned to replenish SPTA kits consumed during unit-level repair.

    In case of detection of faults that cannot be remedied by replacement of units, these faulty items of military equipment and hardware are sent to the service (repair) center.

    Equipment that is required to compose a service (repair) center, repair documentation and spare parts for repair are supplied by JSC “KBP”.
  3. Designer’s and engineering supervision in conformity with requirements of normative documents.
  4. Taking measures in extension of technical validity periods of military equipment and hardware.

Testing procedures for military equipment and hardware with expired service and shelf lives that allow to determine a possibility of technical validity periods extension of equipment batches provided for inspection are elaborated and successfully applied at JSC “KBP”.

The Proposed Technical Support System in the Course of Operation of Military Equipment and Hardware Items Ensures:

  • multi-tier operation of supplied military products;
  • meeting the needs of Customers in technical support in terms of scope, time, place and current tasks;
  • continuity and complexity of measures in maintenance and repair of supplied military equipment and hardware;
  • adaptation of a proposed post-sales support of products to solve tasks in the time of peace and war as well as to a service activities system used by a customer;
  • capability of maneuvering the personnel and maintenance assets in order to ensure high-degree combat readiness and operational survivability of supplied equipment.

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