KBP’s stand was as good as those of the competitors as for the visual impression so as for the exhibitants quantity

Totally DEFEXPO india - 2016 had about 1000 companies-participants from 47 countries. Among them: Russia, Israel, USA, England, Germany, France, South Korea, Italy, the UAE, Portugal and others. The total area of exposition located in 10 pavilions was more than 103000 m2.

The Russian production has been demonstrated by 18 leading Russian defence concerns and by 61 companies included.

The exhibition participants were: SC «ROSTEC» including «Russian Helicopters», NPO «High-Precision Weapons», Joint Engine Building Corporation, «Schvabe». There were 930 exhibits of defence products.

The Russian exposition has occupied the area of more than 1300 m2 and was one of the most saturated and popular.

The company had an exposition of 100 m2 in the in-door pavilion on the stand of JSC NPO «High-Precision Weapons» as a part of the joint exposition of SC «ROSTEC».

The KBP’s stand had a lot of samples of weapons and defence equipment represented as mock-ups, models and tablet computers. On the above exhibition the company has demonstrated the live sample of the firing module with the weapon system including FCS and Kornet-E ATGW to be installed on the armored vehicles (Berezhok FM). Besides one could see simulators 9F676-1 (Pantsir-S1 AD system) and 9F864-2 (Berezhok FM).

Indian Minister of Defence visit to KBP’s stand

The peculiar feature of the exhibition was that it has been carried out under popular campaign “Make in India”. It means a priority in procurement including those for needs of the Indian MOD i.e. the products manufactured in India.

The main visitors of the exhibition were the specialists from various Indian companies who had applied with the proposals for the production technologies procurement or proposed the Indian components to be used in the products demonstrated by the foreign companies.

 Except the Indian companies delegations the KBP’s exposition has been visited by the high-rank Indian MOD and Police delegations.

The work of the official Russian delegation including the delegation of KBP has been widely spoken off in the Russian and foreign mass media.

Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, visited Tula
On September 8, 2016 Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, visited Tula in accordance with his working schedule.
JSC «KBP» took part in the 9-th International Land Force and Navy Exhibition DEFEXPO INDIA – 2016 which for the first time has been organized in Kvitol, Southern Goa in the period of...
Visit in Tula General of the Army Sergei Shoigu
In the course of his working visit in Tula General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, Russian Ministry of Defence, attended the subsidiary company - JSC “KBP”–JSC “Shcheglovskiy Val” and checked the progress...

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