JSC “KBP” took part in one of the major international exhibitions dedicated to defense and security held in the UAE from 17 to 21 of February - IDEX-2019.

The Pantsir-ME ADMGS developed at JSC “KBP” was introduced by SC Rostec, JSC “High Precision Weapons” and JSC “KBP” at IDEX-2019 international exhibition for the first time. The system incorporates sophisticated technology concepts in the domain of efficient repelling of aerial targets and other current types of armament.

The IDEX is held under the aegis of by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE President, with the support of the government and armed forces of the country and it attracts enormous attention of manufacturers and buyers of armament and military equipment.

This show held by the United Arab Emirates possesses the uniting nature. It is one of the few world exhibitions that joins Russian, American, English, Byelorussian, Ukrainian, Egyptian, German and other countries’ expositions.

JSC “High Precision Weapons” with its subordinate JSC “KBP” company were awarded with the exhibitors’ diploma for creation of a unique image of the exposition, its scale and saturation with displayed armaments that are mostly attractive for buyers of the region as well as for presentation of state-of-the-art developments.

Six other companies along with JSC “KBP” within the joint delegation of the holding showed their products united by the coherent design of the exposition. Motion pictures on the plasma screens continually demonstrated the exhibited weapons. Visitors remarkably noted the scale of the JSC “High precision Weapons” holding joint exposition. The delegation was headed by Sergey Mikhaylov, Deputy Director General for foreign economic relations.

The exhibitors and obviously all the participants of this executive international exhibition of weaponry and security technologies celebrated this year the IDEX silver jubilee. The first IDEX international forum took place in February 1993. From year to year, the number of countries-participants of the exhibition have grown. In 1997, the Kashtan anti-aircraft missile system was introduced within the KBP’s exposition. Now, at the IDEX-2019 JSC “KBP” has introduced the fighting module of the new Pantsir-ME naval system.

The original presentation of the Russian Pantsir-ME anti-aircraft missile-gun system abroad became of the major events not only of the first exhibition day but also of the whole show. At present, naval security is the most priority sphere of the region countries’ governments that invest significant funds in protection of their sea borders and coastline. Through creation of the new system, JSC “KBP” has ensured reliable protection of ships against air threats at the unconditional probability level, which is practically equal to one, including protection against low-flying anti-ship missiles and remotely piloted vehicles. The interest manifested to the Pantsir-ME system as to a short-range system was enormous.

The new system was introduced to numerous journalists by Sergey Abramov, Industrial Director of the Rostec State Corporation for conventional armament, ammunition and special chemistry cluster, Dmitrii Konoplev, Deputy Director General JSC "High Precision Weapons" and Managing Director JSC "KBP” and Aleksandr Zhukov, Chief Designer of naval anti-aircraft systems.

During the course of the presentation, Dmitrii Konoplev reported that currently, the system is extensively being mounted on Russian Army ships and that designers developed this system for all types of ships with displacement exceeding 300 t. The system is the sole in the world ship-based anti-aircraft system with a single fighting module, which armaments comprise artillery and air-defense missile weapons as well as a weapon control system. The missile armament enables engagement of targets flying at 1000 m/sec velocity at 20 km range and 15 km altitude. The gun armament has a firing rate of 10 000 rounds a minute, range up to 4 km and up to 3 km altitude. Dmitrii Konoplev emphasized that the system is capable of engagement of low-flying UAVs as well as all types of targets flying as low as 5-10 meters above sea level. “We have scheduled negotiations devoted to upgrade of ships using the Pantsir-ME system with a number of countries. The quality-price ratio and high-performance capabilities make this system quite attractive for customers”, noted Dmitrii Konoplev.

When summarizing, Sergey Abramov expressed his gratitude to IDEX organizing committee for excellent arrangement and participation of Russian firms in the biggest international exhibition. “We show our best products”, noted Sergey Abramov, “And our goal is to offer our competitive items to all concerned parties without collateral terms. Today, we offer various forms of cooperation”.

Presentations of products, negotiations on issues of mutual cooperation with firms’ delegations and military representatives of many countries were held in the course of the exhibition. The company’s stand was visited by the UAE MoD delegations, including a delegation headed by Saleh Mohammed Al-Ameri, the United Arab Emirates Land Forces Commander.

The Pantsir-S1 air defense missile and gun system, which is nowadays the most demanded weapon system by customers and which carries a powerful ammunition load of 12 missiles and 1400 artillery round was demonstrated in the view of data boards and a mockup among other items. The vehicle is capable to destroy over 20 targets with a single ammunition load.

The further modernization of systems is aimed at increase of ammo load, target engagement range as well as at expansion of the spectrum of target types to be engaged that is to impart such features that will thoroughly meet requirements of the future.

JSC “KBP” offers to foreign customers the Kornet-EM multipurpose missile system that allows for engagement of not only armored vehicles but also aerial low-velocity targets. The system possess a number of new capabilities: extended firing range; guidance automation, simultaneous firing at two targets and engagement of air targets. By virtue of its distinctiveness, the system is in service with more than 15 countries. Komandirsha-E antitank platoon portable automated control system, Malakhit portable automated artillery fire control system, 155 mm Krasnopol-M2 guided weapon system, Gran guided weapon system for 120 mm mortars were also included in the JSC “KBP’s” exposition.

JSC “KBP” has designed a variety of small arms and grenade launchers including various sidearm, individual automatic firearm, sniper rifles, combat knives, shoulder, under-barrel and automatic grenade launchers. Therefore, small arms were commonly of high interest. Record-holding items were shown at the stand, such as GSh-18 pistol - most lightweight, AGS-30 also most lightweight (16 kg) among automatic grenade launchers and others. There were also demonstrated: 12.7 mm OSV-96 sniper rifle, 9 mm GSh-18 pistol, PP-2000 submachine gun, Shmel-M rocket-assisted infantry flamethrower with three types of rounds: RPO-A thermobaric, PRO-D smoke and RPO-Z incendiary each having no counterparts in other countries, 40 mm GP-30M under-barrel grenade launcher, GM-94 magazine grenade launcher, 12.7 mm VKS large-caliber sniper rifle, 12.7 mm ShAK-12 high-power assault rifle system and others.

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