«MILEX – 2019»

Delegation of KBP Joint Stock Company took part in MILEX-2019 International Exhibition of Weapons and Military Equipment which was arranged in Belarus in May 15-18, 2019. It appeared to be the second visit to Belarus. For the first time KBP JSC displayed their developments in Minsk in 2015.

MILEX exhibition enjoys reputation of important international fair where participants demonstrate their latest achievements in the field of defence production and upgrade activities as well as discuss cooperation in the world market.

It is enhancement of industrial and scientific relations, collaboration and joint projects that turn out to be the core of business partnership and contract execution. Joint ventures between friendly countries created taking into account mutual interests also suppose joint promotion of these innovations in the world market. In this view one could not meet a so-to-say stranger between participants and visitors to MILEX-2019 – everyone was willing to cooperate. This exhibition is a good showing of Belarus defence industry capabilities achieved together with its nearest partners. Together with interesting developments of Belarus designers a lot of products were displayed which had been created jointly with Russia and other countries. Several projects were exhibited in the frame of cooperation between KBP JSC and Belarus enterprises.

Sergey Ilyin, Deputy Managing Director of KBP Joint Stock Company and the head of KBP delegation took part in the opening ceremony on May 15, 2019 held in the History and Culture Center called Stalin Line.

KBP delegation can boast broad agenda and high business activity in MILEX-19.  They discuss a wide range of technical issues and future steps, and paid much attention to activities with copartners as the first priority.

The KBP exposition attracted attention of many official delegations from foreign countries, different army branches as well as Russian and overseas mass media.  On visiting the holding company stands representatives of Ministry of Defence and enterprises as from Republic of Belarus so as from other participating countries discussed cooperation prospects

More than 20 delegations visited KBP display during the first three days –Belarus, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, China and others.

The KBP exposition was also visited by official delegations of Belarus MOD as well as by representatives of Defence Ministries of some other nations. Products presentation and negotiations were arranged with different firms and agencies.

KBP JSC offered a wide range of their developments: ATGW, high precision artillery weapons, upgrade packages for armoured vehicles as well as small arms and grenade launchers. More than 20 weapon samples were exhibited in the form of mockups, models, posters. All these weapon systems are cleared for export. Between the exhibits there were the Pantsir-S1 air-defence missile and gun system, Kornet-EM multi-purpose antitank guided weapon, Kornet-E antitank guided weapon, 155mm Krasnopol-M2 artillery guided weapon, Gran guided weapon to 120mm mortar, Бахча combat module, Bur small-size grenade launcher, 30mm AGS-30 automatic grenade launcher, 12.7mm OSV-96 sniper rifle and others.

Many of KBP-designed products outperform the most popular weapons in the world market, moreover some of them are unique and do not have equivalents at all. For example 30mm AGS-30 automatic grenade launcher appears to be the lightest between its counterparts and yet powerful, 9mm GSh-18 pistol being a low weight record-holder between its equivalents, 9mm PP-2000 submachine gun capable of high fire density at infighting ranges. It boasts weight and dimensions to be comparable with those of modern pistols.

To summarize the results, Sergey Ilyin, KBP Deputy Managing Director, stressed the point that MILEX is the platform for KBP products promotion and business development. “Here we strengthen partnership with Belarus, - pointed out the head of KBP delegation. – It is a chance to see creative solutions made by other gifted designers and take them into considerations building further cooperation. Here our specialists can pick up new ideas, come to understanding the trends of military market development worldwide”.

The KBP delegation took part in MILEX-2019 under the umbrella of JSC “NPO “High Precision Weapons”. Three enterprises of this holding company – JSC “KBP”, JSC “VNII “Signal” and JSC “NKP “KBМ” –displayed their products as integrated exposition, the stands being made up following the common design approach. Plasma monitors were arranged to show videos about presented samples of weapons.

The holding company delegation was headed by Sergey MIkhailov being Deputy Director General for Foreign Economic Activity. He took part in Business Council Board with Intergovernmental Committee for Military and Economic Cooperation in the format of Collective Security Treaty Organization, and in a joint session of the College Board with the Russian Committee for Military and Economic Cooperation on the subject of Russian and Belarusian responsibilities in the frame of Intergovernmental Committee/Collective Security Treaty Organization with attendance of Belarusian and Russian defence establishment representatives. They discussed issues of furthering cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation in the field of defence production.

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