«Russia Arms Expo – 2013»

KBP Instrument Design Bureau has taken part in the 9th international exhibition Russia Arms Expo 2013 that was held in Nizhny Tagil from 25-09-2013 to 28-09-2013.

The exhibition featured a crucial advantage over similar events as it demonstrated simultaneously static and operational capabilities of weapons and equipment. Moreover, certain military novelties were shown exclusively to the Russian government representatives.

KBP Instrument Design Bureau participated in all events of this exhibition, including closed show where the latest developments, expected to be put in service, were concentrated. Along with the world-known products the enterprise demonstrated new developments. “We hope that these new developments will march along Red Square during the jubilee parade in honor of Victory Day in 2015”,- noted Mr. Y. Karpov , First Deputy Director General of High-precision weapons JSC, - The most recent and modern weapon systems and equipment were demonstrated in a special –purpose closed exhibition hall. In the course of the first working day we have performed a demonstration of newly developed products to Mr.D.O. Rogozin, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Mr. Y.I. Borisov, Deputy Minister of Defense, Mr. A. V. Fomin, Director FSMTC of Russia, D.V. Manturov, Minister of Industry and Board of Trade and a number of executives of MoD and Industry. During closed presentation we have demonstrated the fighting compartment as a component of potential unified platforms within the frame of three design and development works. It is notable that we have fulfilled all our obligations due to delivery of fighting compartments in proper time. The results of our work received positive assessment. In the course of demonstration the corresponding future design and development works as well as price matters were discussed”.

The Kornet-EM weapon system was also demonstrated in the closed exhibition hall. It is capable to destroy the existing and future tanks protected with ERA., lightly armored vehicles, fortifications, constructions, surface and aerial targets (UFVs, helicopters) at a range of up to 10000 m. Its capability-price ratio is crucially higher than that of AD weapon systems with the same firing range. Targets engagement in an automatic mode actually ensures realization of “fire-and-forget” concept that allows the missile to avoid the expensive homing head resulting in more comfortable work of the operators, reduced requirements to their qualification and training time.

Next day Mr. D.A. Medvedev, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, visited the exhibition, who also surveyed new weapon systems and equipment in the closed hall. Mr. D.A. Medvedev visited several exhibition halls, including KBP’s exposition (Hall No.2).

The extensive business program, demonstrations, exposition, - all these factors allow to increase the potential of the enterprise, including the number of foreign partners, added opportunity to contact with the defense industry professionals25.

The exhibition attracted great interest to the KBP’s exposition and products. KBP develops weapon systems, which nowadays correspond to world standards, inspiriting other designers and manufacturers to reach this high level.

KBP presented actually all spheres of its activity. On an open site a sample of the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle with the Berezhok fighting compartment was demonstrated. Main trend of modernization was represented by an automatic day-and-night fire control system with the Kornet guided weapon system, which ensures engagement of heavily armored targets at ranges up to 8 km as well as aerial targets at ranges up to 10 km.

The KBP’s exposition also presented mock-ups of the Berezhok, Bakhcha combat vehicles and mock-ups of HEF Vishnya, the Arkan ATGM and 30-mm ammunitions as well as posters comprising the products features.

A training simulator of the upgraded Berezhok , which visually demonstrates the operation of the vehicle commander and gunner, was in great favour among official delegations, journalists and visitors of the exhibition.

The demonstration of the Kornet-EM and the BMP-2 with the Berezhok fighting compartment, which engaged all required targets, was the most effective.

The demonstration results once again proved that these weapon systems have high capabilities, noise immunity, protection and ability to hit the targets with first shot.

KBP was given a separate event of 4 minutes duration to carry out firing demonstrations. The Berezhok fired on the move a salvo of two Kornet missiles within one laser beam. The Kornet EM fired three missiles simultaneously against two targets , including salvo firing against one of these targets.

Mr, Khokhlov, Deputy Research Superviser for Armoured Vehicles and ATGWs, gladly said that the authorities and working team are satisfied with the results of the firing demonstrations: "We have demonstrated military might of our weapons to everybody and are pleased with the results. We can guide three missiles in flight and simultaneously engage two targets. None can do it with the guided missiles. We really can. Meanwhile we can simultaneously engage both aerial and ground-based targets, and ground-based target is engaged with two missiles within one laser beam at that. These weapon systems are capable to operate on the move, by day and night, under poor visibility and severe weather conditions against targets of any type. We produce smart and affordable weapons".

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