Within the period from 22-10-2013 to 25-10-2013 the 17th International Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision INTERPOLITEX-2013 was held in the territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Center. The Exhibition was arranged by Ministry of Home Affairs of Russia, Federal Security Service of Russia, Federal Service of Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia.

Currently INTERPOLITEX is main and the most interesting event among exhibitions devoted to security provision. INTERPOLITEX-2013 involved 442 companies from 26 countries. The exhibition occupied more than 24 000 sq. m, where 447 military products were exhibited. The exhibition was visited by 17 000 specialists from 63 countries.

KBP participated in the event of INTERPOLITEX-2013 as a member of the integrated exposition of the state-owned corporation ROSTEKHNOLOGII under supervision of JSC High-Precision Weapons. KBP’s exposition presented assault weapons, small-arms and grenade launchers that attracted constant interest of the exhibition visitors. These products include rocket –assisted infantry flame-thrower of improved firing range and power RPO PDM-A SHMEL-M, small-size grenade-launching system BUR, automatic grenade-launching system AGS-30, grenade-launchers GM-94, GP-30, 6G30, pistol GSh-18, submachine gun PP-2000. Particular attention was given to unique small-arms system ADS.

A special dual medium assault rifle that for the first time allows to engage enemy both on the ground with standard cartridges 5.45x39 mm and the 40 mm grenade-launcher ammunition and under water with special underwater cartridges. The ADS that combines capabilities of standard and special underwater assault rifles actually makes it possible to halve weight of portable weapons carried by soldiers of Special Forces.

KBP applied an interesting method of the ADS presentation in the booth. To effectively demonstrate its unique application, the ADS was immerged into an illuminated aquarium filled with water, which aroused great interest of the visitors as they never seen that way of novelties demonstration before. Due to this know-how KBP’s booth was very popular among Russian and foreign mass media representatives. News films of all prime TV channels about INTERPOLITEX-2013 (specialists of more than ten TV channels visited the exhibition) always showed shots about our exposition and “floating assault rifle”. The television viewers after viewing these films rushed to the exhibition, exactly to KBP’s booth to see this weapon.

Mr. Nikolay M. Komarov, the leader of KBP’s delegation and Head of Foreign Affairs Department of TsKIB SOO within the frame of his work in the both granted his interviews to a number of prime channels. These topics were planned to be used as a basis for popular TV show about Russian Army and its armament “SLUZHU OTCHIZNE” (“I Serve to Fatherland”) , “ARMEISKIY MAGAZIN” (“Military Shop”) and others.

Also KBP’s booth was attractive with its unique and modern design, which applied various types of illumination, video, computer-based simulation.

Due to preliminary market work, during the exhibition event KBP’s booth was visited by 40 delegations, comprising more than ten of foreign ones. Visitors of KBP’s booth including military attaches of India, Myanmar, representatives of MoD of Egypt, official representatives of RSC KAZSPETsEXPORT, members of international delegations that were invited to the exhibition as well as other worldwide governmental and industrial representatives. All of them showed their interest to KBP’s products.

Based on the results of participation in the event of the 17th International Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision INTERPOLITEX-2013, KBP’s exposition was awarded with Diploma of Organizing Committee.

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