The second international military and technical forum “Armiya-2016”(Army 2016), which was held from September 6 till September 11 in Alabino (Moscow region)  has completed its work. Thousand of enterprises and design bureaus took part in it, companies from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan have presented their national expositions. Foreign specialists from more than 80 countries once again received evidence of  the reliability of Russian weapon. To be always aware of the latest achievements, not to stop in research and design work, to always crave for better results- these are the opportunities and the stimulus with which international weaponry exhibitions provide our designers.

According to the organizers of the forum, for the first time the format of congress and exhibition activity has been implied; this format unites expositions and dynamic demonstration of the capabilities of the military hardware in the air, on the ground and water together with broad business,  research and scientific agenda with the participation of the defence industry leading experts. The fire and maneuvering capabilities of over a hundred models of combat vehicles, aircraft and special-purpose hardware were  demonstrated to the guests and participants of the forum.  

The team of the JSC “KBP” under the leadership of Yu.K Khozyainov also worked at the forum “Armiya-2016”. This time the JSC “Scientific production association High precision weapons” holding company united eleven companies under its auspices. In bulk, the exposition of the holding  company looked powerful and imposing. For the participation in the exhibition and arrangement of the work the leaders of the “High Precision Weapons” holding company and JSC “KBP” were awarded with the Letters of Commendation of the minister of defence and chairman of the organizing committee of the international military and technical forum , full general S.K. Shoigu.

Already on the first day of the exhibition the exposition of the JSC “KBP” was visited by 15 delegations, totally representatives of 50 countries, including African Namibia, Burundi, South American countries, Middle East countries, several delegations from Belarus, Kazakhstan and others  revealed interest toward some of the exhibited weaponry models. In the course of the exhibition business negotiations , presentation took place and a weaponry delivery contract with one of the former Soviet republics was concluded.   High interest was revealed towards the small arms and grenade launchers, including the “Bur” system. This grenade launcher is a close combat asset and is intended fore the engagement of the enemy’s personnel, soft-skinned of lightly-armoured vehicles and structures. The weight of the grenade launcher is only 3.5 kg, still it is not outperformed by counterparts, besides, this weapon is combat-ready in any weather conditions, round the clock. The grenade launcher is in service with the special forces.

The special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for the nature protection, ecology and transport, S.B. Ivanov when visiting the KBP showcase  took interest in the “Komandirsha” system providing for firing any artillery systems, for targets’ reconnaissance, for preparing firing initial data and for transmitting the corresponding settings and orders to the control point and to the fire assets.

Traditionally high is the interest in the ”Pantsir-S” ADMGS taken by not only military specialists, but also by the mass media and the visitors of the exhibition. In the course of the “Armiya-2016” forum meetings with the reporters from different mass media were organized. 38 journalists tried to find out the secret of success and the prospects of the future products from the company specialists. The representatives of the First Arctic Channel found out, that adding arctic “Pantsir” to the arctic troops has allowed to significantly increase the mobility of the later and, as a result, enhanced the protection of critical objects against air threats in the arctic conditions.

A.V. Morozov, the engineer-in-chief has noticed the large scale of the second forum “Armiya-2016”. “The exhibition is interesting in different ways for everyone working here, but especially for the medium-ranked servicemen, since they do not know, what is in service with other units and what hardware generally is currently in service and what the defence industry can offer to the army. Since not everything developed by the designers is in service, - A.V. Morozov emphasized. – And there’s no doubt, that everything exhibited here is interesting for the Russians, young men who will join the army. The power and the might of Russian weaponry is demonstrated here both at the stationary grounds and in action, at the test range”. The exhibition  stipulated serious work of the specialists and experts at conferences, round table talks, during which numerous acute issues were discussed.  In particular, the main trends in medical corps equipment  design,  advanced Russian firmware designs, transport and robot-aided assets for work in arctic conditions, as well as many other matters were discussed.

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