It was twelfth participation of JSC KBP in MAKS-2017 International Aerospace Exhibition, which took place in Zhukovskiy, Moscow Region, Russia in the period from 18 to 23 of July, 2017

The exposition of JSC KBP located both in the pavilion and in the open area presented the Pantsir-S1 ADGM system and new product at this exhibition, namely the Pantsir-ME ADGM system, Hermes-A high-precision guided missile weapon, Kornet-EM multipurpose antitank guided weapon and demonstrated its design and development capabilities regarding civil products, including the Mera meteorological rocket based on missile weapon systems developments.

HIGH-PRECISION WEAPONS JSC united exposition was comprised by products of enterprises, including JSC KBP, JSC TsKBA, JSC TsNIIAG, Moscow, JSC SKB Turbina, Chelyabinsk.

Tula region was presented by several local leading companies, exactly JSC KBP, JSC TsKBA, PLC NPO SRELA, PLC OKTAVA, JSC NPO SPLAV and Tula State University. Mr. Makarovets N.A., the Designer General of SPLAV, the Hero of the Russian Federation, reminded that KBP and SPLAV are regular exhibitors of MAKS. He noted:” Now it is not only prestige, but mainly requirement. Current exhibition demonstrated more technological components, including products and the way of their manufacturing, which is interesting”.

Mr. Putin V.V., the Pesident of the Russian Federation, the members of the Tula region delegation headed by Mr. Dyumin A.G., the governor of the Tula region visited the expositions of the companies. The company exposition was visited also by Mr. Chemizov, Director General of ROSTEKH state-owned corporation, Mr. Bochkarev O.I., Deputy-chairman of Military-industrial Committee under the Government of the RF.

Among the visitors of the exhibition there were the specialists of various countries of Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East, including the UAE, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Israel, Tanzania, Belgium, the UK and others.

Mr. Konoplev D.V., Deputy Director General of JSC High Precision Weapons, Managing Director of JSC KBP emphasized that each such extensive exhibition opens up new vistas for the company. Mr. Konoplev D.V. specified: « During the exhibition a lot of negotiations were carried out both with foreign partners and with our prime customer, namely MoD of the RF. We presented our new products, in the first place the Pantsir-ME ADGM system, which is intended for water-surface ship defence. Hope this novelty is of far- reaching importance».

High-precision weapons Joint Stock Company from its foundation is a regular exhibitor of MAKS. Mr. Karpov Y.Y., First Deputy Director General of JSC High-precision weapons remarked that the company has no direct relations with aviation, but it thoroughly develops and manufactures AD weapon systems intended against air threats, mainly hostile helicopters and aircraft. “The products of the company attract great interest”, – confirmed mr. Karpov Y.Y. “A lot of foreign delegations visited our exposition. The Pantsir-S1 ADGM system is still in top demand with potential buyers. A number of profound talks and meetings were hold to this effect. I appreciate the exhibition and consider it as a good place for contacts with our foreign partners and Russian colleagues”.

On the results of the exhibition JSC KBP was awarded with a Diploma as a participant of the 13th International Aerospace Show”. Mr. Morozov A.V., Chief Engineer of KBP, the leader of KBP’s delegation, emphasized that it is significant to present the company at the exhibition. The visitors demonstrated unwavering interest to the Pantsir-S1 ADGM system, Kornet-EM ATGW, Hermes-A AD GWS that proved development potentials both now and in the decades ahead. The visitors perceive that KBP’s products have designed-in profound upgrade potentials”.

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