The KBP delegation for the first time took part in the SOFEX-2018 International Special Operation Forces Exhibition, which was held in Amman, Jordan, from 8 to 11 May 2018.

It is one of the major exhibition events in the Middle East and North Africa region. Russia has been a regular participant of the SOFEX since 1998.

The KBP exposition within the “High Precision Weapons” holding company under the aegis of Rosoboronexport displayed small arms and grenade launchers. The KBP delegation was headed by Vasiliy A. Zamarakhin, Head of Division.  The delegation head on behalf of the holding company was Nikita M. Muraviev, Head of Department.

Following the inauguration that was attended by Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, the King of Jordan, the exhibition halls were visited by representatives of the Jordan MoD.

The JSC “KBP” exposition was visited by Prince Faisal bin Hussein of the Hashemite House, son of King Hussein and Princess Muna, lieutenant general of Jordan Armed Forces since 2004, deputy commander-in-chief of the Jordan Armed Forces, President of the Jordan Olympic Committee since 2003.

Faisal bin Hussein minutely studied small arms and in the first place the GM-94 grenade launcher and VKS-96 sniper rifle. Yury G. Amelin, Head of Division, narrated to the guests about a number of advanced developments featured at the exhibition.

The KBP booth was also visited by delegations from Jordan and several other countries as well as by mass media agencies. The utmost interest in the exposition was expressed by command staff of various service arms. The exhibition was arranged at the local airlines aerodrome within the city boundaries and was accessible only for specialists.

“It was a grand scale exhibition and it is indeed one of the leading international exhibition events, where many new military products are demonstrated. It was distinguished with promptitude and fine arrangement of building processes, issuing of all-kind clearances, resolution of issues with customs, cargo delivery and its integrity”, commented Aleksey I. Korotonozhkin, Head of Advertising and Exhibition Section.  “Weapons almost for all sorts of services besides military items for special forces were exhibited - armored vehicles, ATGWs, artillery weapons, numerous UAVs with various capabilities and others. Anyhow small arms and grenade launchers were the most widely displayed weapons. It was a “paradise” for small arms exhibitors and connoisseurs”.

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